The Grumpy Grammarian

Mel Martin & Fascinations

Copy Editing Hot Take—Most bullet points are just dull, dry lists that lack creativity and fail to entice readers.

^^^^^How do I know? Because my mind begins to wander like a soul stuck in sales page purgatory, searching for a way to move on.

Considering that improving bullet points on a sales page can increase opt-ins by 25%, copywriters are literally losing money for their clients (don’t crucify me, someone has to say it).

But it’s not their fault. Why? Because copywriting courses/trainings/programs NEVER talk about the one person who revolutionized bullet points—Mel Martin—let alone teach copywriters how to craft attention-grabbing bullet points.

Who’s Mel Martin?

He was a copywriting maverick who transformed bullet points into what he aptly called “fascinations” by using a formula he created…

Specific Benefit + Instant Gratification + Intense Curiosity

His approach turns bland bullet points into compelling statements that evoke curiosity, create desire, and engage readers on a deeper level.

Here’s 3 examples of how the formula works…

Bland Bullet Point: “Our product is durable, reliable, and affordable.”

Fascinating Bullet Point: “Discover a product that defies the test of time, ensuring your peace of mind without financially ruining you.”

Bland Bullet Point: “Our software is user-friendly and efficient.”

Fascinating Bullet Point: “Unlock a seamless and intuitive software experience that streamlines your workflow and boosts productivity with every click.”

Bland Bullet Point: “Our vacation package includes hotel accommodation, meals, and transportation.”

Fascinating Bullet Point: “Embark on a dream getaway where every detail is taken care of – from luxurious accommodations that envelop you in comfort, to gourmet dining experiences that tantalize your taste buds, and seamless transportation that whisks you away to enchanting destinations.”

By infusing the fascination with vivid language, sensory details, and emotional appeal, you create enticing statements that grab attention and stir curiosity.

“But Autumn, those are just descriptive statements.”

No, they’re not. Here’s why…

They have intrigue—Fascinations spark curiosity by hinting at a benefit or solution without revealing all the details upfront.

They have emotional appeal—Fascinations tap into readers’ desires, evoking emotions and creating a connection between the reader and the product or service.

They have vivid language—Fascinations paint a compelling picture in the reader’s mind by using strong, vivid words, and sensory details to amplify the impact.

Mel Martin’s compelling approach to bullet points, turning them into fascinations, forever changed the copywriting landscape.

Now that you know about fascinations—Go forth and transform mundane bullet points into captivating snippets that evoke curiosity, create desire, and ultimately drive conversions.

Please, release me from sales page purgatory.

P.S. What’s the easiest way to remember how to write fascinations? Think of bullet points as mini hooks. It’s that simple.