Writing copy is a science.

Editing copy—that’s an art.

Copywriting is a science because it’s created based on research and relies on formulas.

Sometimes, you get so caught up with the science that you unintentionally overlook the subtle nuances of language — the art of what you’re doing.

But you can make your writing even stronger, so it’s effortless and addictive to read. And that’s through copy editing.

Let me show you how to break stodgy old grammar rules and entice readers to devour your copy.

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I can offer…

Drool-Worthy Copy is a one-to-one copywriting apprenticeship where I share all of my copy editing, storytelling, and persuasion secrets with you.

Rapid Response Edits where you and I work back-and-forth polishing & editing your copy in real time.

A La Carte Services for those dreadful copy cleanups you may find yourself needing.

I promise not to...

Judge you because of bad grammar.

Being grammatically correct doesn’t persuade people. Clear, concise & compelling copy does.

Copywriting isn’t essay writing. Sometimes, being grammatically incorrect is more persuasive. Sometimes, splitting a paragraph into separate lines is better for readability. Sometimes, what’s wrong is actually right. There’s a difference between intentional and unintentional deviations from the rules.

Cramp your style.

I won’t tear apart your copy & question every decision you made. Because I understand the science behind persuasive copywriting.

Change your copy’s message.

I simply tighten up your words to create clear and compelling copy, so it reads the way it needs to make your words work for you. Not against you.

What my clients want YOU to know...

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