The Grumpy Grammarian’s Guide To
Copy Editing For Copywriters

Get my book, The Grumpy Grammarian’s Guide To Copy Editing For Copywriters.

It’s packed with copy editing tips to help you write faster, better, stronger copy in less time. And is almost as fun as free condoms. Because you need to protect your words.

And The Grumpy Grammarian’s Guide To Copy Editing For Copywriters is specifically for copywriters – those who are paid to sell using the power of their words.

It is NOT for…

  • Other copy editors
  • Pedants
  • Prescriptivists
  • Or any other grammar police

So here’s your trigger warning…

Copywriting has different rules than academic writing or business proposals.

Copywriters are in the business of selling. They are not in the business of teaching grammar. So…

Sometimes, being grammatically incorrect is more persuasive.

Sometimes, splitting a paragraph into separate lines is better for readability.

Sometimes, what’s wrong is actually right.



Here's what buyers are saying...

So good, I bought it twice.

“Grabbed the Kindle version. Two hours later, I’d read the entire book and identified at least 7 ways I could improve my copy.

Bought another copy (paperback) to keep on my desk as a reference.

If you write to drive action, this is the grammar book you need. It’s brilliant, insightful, and… heartbreaking? I’ve never read a grammar book imbued with so much pathos.

You’ll laugh (really), you’ll cry (no, really), and you’ll write some damn fine copy when it’s done.”

Matthew R. Hall, Copywriter

If there's one thing I didn't expect to get out of a book on copy editing, it's a laugh.

In the past, editing copy has been more inclined to move me to tears—and not happy ones.

With her sharp wit and flair for storytelling, Autumn has managed to take what for many people (like me) is a reviled task and make it… fun?!

If you’re expecting a dry, boring grammar manual, don’t. 

Her examples are clear. Her stories are memorable. And her advice… totally sound.

You’ll smile all the way through, and leave with lessons that will make your work better.”

Joel Klettke, Copywriter

The most pleasurable copy editing guide EVER.

“Would you ever read a dictionary or an encyclopedia from cover to over? The same goes with any copy editing book right??

Well, NOT in this case!

Autumn created something that is as informative and inspiring regarding the written word, as it is fun to read. I’m talking entertainment here. It sure helps remember some of those rules.

Mission impossible-accomplished!”

Monicka Clio Sakki

If you don't find at least 4 mistakes you've been making, you're lying.

“This book is fun! It’s a down & dirty quick read that doesn’t pull any punches, and pointed out things I never even knew I was doing wrong. And I write for a living!

I love that she tells you what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s a style choice. Autumn definitely has an opinion, and I for one, am NOT gonna argue with her.”

Justin Blackman, Copywriter

Definitely not boring! Sharp, witty, and irreverent

“The author is a master storyteller who uses her own (often hilarious) experiences to illustrate those common grammar problems that so many of us struggle with. I was disappointed to learn, though, that my favorite punctuation mark—the em dash—is one of the things that makes her grumpy. Oh, well. Live and learn. Seriously, definitely worth having on your bookshelf.”

Amelia Franz

A must-read for Word Workers! (or just for a good laugh with her awkward encounters)

“Clear and concise. The way Autumn Tompkins takes me through the Labyrinth of Copy Editing, with humour-filled encounters, is sitting in English class without having to take a nap. She covers everything from tone to punctuations-and approves of swear words- if this is how you roll. Read it 4 times and I now understand the “whys and hows” of Copy Editing. This definitely improves my writing by 10x. Thank you, The Grumpy Grammarian.”

Hansa Pammler, Copywriter

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