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Role: Copy Editor


I’ve given up correcting everyone’s grammar. It’s a lost cause! But Autumn’s book isn’t about conforming to stodgy old rules, or refusing to accept a living language. it’s about little tweaks you can make in your wording to make it pop. Her tips will make your writing more readable, powerful, and — most importantly — profitable.

Laura Belgray, Copywriter

Role: Copy Editor


Autumn is THE best editor I’ve ever worked with. And I’ve worked with her for nearly a decade. I’ve trusted her with sales copy and messaging for multiple 6-figure launches and in-depth brand strategy guides. Collaborating with Autumn has allowed me to increase my rates with confidence because I know I’m handing over A+ copy every single time. I also secretly hope Autumn will edit this testimonial so it makes me sound even more professional and polished. But for real, if you want to be a true profesh in your industry, work with the best. And Autumn is the best. You’ll be in the most capable hands. Do it, do it!

Kira Hug, Copywriter

Role: Copy Editor


Incredible work. I was really pleased with Autumn’s work. SO meticulous. Especially for the tight turnaround. I’m really WOW-ed.

Tarzan Kay, Copywriter 

Role: Copywriter & Copy Editor


What truly sets Autumn apart is her ability to not only polish copy but also elevate it. Her insights and suggestions are always valuable. They make my team’s scriptwriting more compelling. Whether it’s adding creativity or clarity, Autumn always delivers results that leave me WOW-ed. She’s someone I can always rely on when important work needs to get done. She works quickly, sticks to deadlines, and approaches her work with both professionalism and thoughtfulness.

Alex Portera, Co-Founder & CEO

Role: Copy Editor


Autumn sped up my copywriting process and increased my copywriting confidence.

Before I met Autumn, I used to hire co-writers to help me author a lot of my sales content. I always knew what I wanted to say. (After all, I am a bestselling author, and I do have a ton of great ideas.) But I didn’t know how to say it in a precise, copywriting kind of way.

But after studying Autumn’s tips, reading her book, and implementing everything I learned…

Now, people are calling me a copywriter.

Me, a copywriter?!?! I can’t believe it, but it’s true.

I learned SO much from Autumn about copy editing that it blows my mind. More importantly, she helped me become confident in my writing abilities because now I know how to copy edit.

If you have to write lots of content for emails, blogs, marketing materials, and Instagram posts, I highly recommend learning how to copy edit from Autumn. She’s the premier copy editing expert.

Erika Lyremark, Author, Think Like A Stripper & Creator of The Daily Whip

Role: Copy Editor


Autumn is The Grumpy Grammarian and the sharpest, eagle-eye editor I know.

Not only is she saving me from myself grammatically… she also puts up with a lot of my immature bullshit when I get delirious and weird from writing too long. THANKS, AUTUMN. YOU ROCK.

Hillary Weiss, Creative Director,  Messaging Strategist, Positioning Coach & Copywriter

Role: Copywriter and Copy Editor


Autumn is the reason my copy is not only error free, but beautifully matches the client’s voice and tone, and is perfectly on-point. Whether it’s a headline or a subject line; she ALWAYS offers a gem of an idea. And they work!

Amisha Shrimanker, Fractional CMO & Copywriter

Role: Copy Editor


If there’s one thing I didn’t expect to get out of a book on copy editing, it’s a laugh. In the past, editing copy has been more inclined to move me to tears—and not happy ones.

With her sharp wit and flair for storytelling, Autumn has managed to take what for many people (like me) is a reviled task and make it… fun?!

If you’re expecting a dry, boring grammar manual, don’t.

Her examples are clear. Her stories are memorable. And her advice… totally sound.

You’ll smile all the way through, and leave with lessons that will make your work better.

Joel Klettke, Copywriter

Role: Copywriter and Copy Editor


Lucinda Cross, Chief Activator, Author & Speaker

Role: Copywriter and Copy Editor


Nicole Edwards, Coach, Copywriter & Designer


I was feeling really blocked around my writing. I understood how to structure good copy but what I wrote wasn’t always concise or clear enough, and I didn’t know how to make my copy better. I had no idea how to strengthen my writing on a line-by-line basis, and I discovered that that’s what copy editing is really for. It’s okay for me to have those loose drafts so long as I tighten them up later, and Autumn gave me the tools to do so.

Caelin Aerin, Copywriter

Autumn Tompkins just seems to know my brain even when I just started typing ellipses because I was too tired to finish.

Tomayia Colvin, Photographer

As an author and marketing professional, I could not envision hiring a copywriter, after all, people were paying me to write for them. My business coach recommended Autumn. I reluctantly hired her, and yes, I cringed when I made my payment. However, it was one of the best business investments that I have ever made.

I didn’t even really know what I needed her to do, I just knew I needed new copy. In fact, I think I said “I don’t know” to her at least 100 times. But I knew if I didn’t hire her immediately, I would have talked myself out of it. I had a few minor conversations with Autumn and within a few weeks she returned to me AMAZING copyl She captured my voice and my vision, then added WOW!

I have not implemented all the items that Autumn crafted for me, but I have already received some return on my investment. But more importantly, hiring Autumn allowed me to have the time to focus on my core competencies and serve my clients better. I highly recommend Autumn if you want sexy, powerful, and unique copy for your media kit, website, or other correspondence.

Since I initially hired Autumn, I have contracted her for 2 other projects and will continue to work with her. She is efficient, and professional, and meets her set turnaround time, and I’m continually impressed with her creativity and skill with each project.

Deondriea Cantrice, Confidence Coach

Hiring Autumn to edit my website copy took such a load off my plate. I had reached the point where I couldn’t find the fun in my own brand anymore. I had 900 million drafts churning around on my hard drive and couldn’t think straight anymore. Her edits and restructuring of the pages opened up possibilities I hadn’t seen on my own. I was too close to it. She helped me infuse the copy with humor alongside the salient points clients need to hire me. If you write, she is definitely someone you want on your contact list.

Sharon Mann, Voice Actress

I’m always confused about many grammar nuances when I write copy. I came from a place where speaking proper English wasn’t commonplace, and this affects my writing to a certain extend. Because I’ve been exposed to ‘bad English’ for so long, I tend to think some of the phrases I wrote sounds right when actually it’s completely wrong. I’ve been following Autumn and her grammar tips for quite awhile and it helped me A LOT. Not forgetting she’s a copywriter too, so not only she gives tips on proper grammar usage, but proper grammar + sentence structuring specifically for copywriting too! I highly recommend you get this book. 11/10 because 10 is weak.

Aliz AJ, Copywriter

Prior to working with Autumn, I had been on a hunt for an excellent copywriter who could capture my message in the written word. I have struggled writing content & sale pages because my focus is video creation. So I was referred to Autumn by a sister of mine. When I needed to create a Bio for my company. She interviewed me & went to work on crafting a phenomenal Bio that I truly loved. Ever since then, I have used her services for Graphic quotes, Facebook status & so much more. In connecting with Autumn, I now “ONLY” attract my target audience that not only loves my video work but also the lovely words that come along with it. I recommend Autumn to anyone who needs to spice up their content.

Esther Cummings, Writer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Autumn on several projects, and she is a delight to work with. She’s a great writer and editor using her unique writing techniques to help make my client’s brands stand out from the crowd. I work with many tight deadlines for client projects and she smoothly handled each one with a sense of urgency and professionalism while not missing a beat. I look forward to partnering with Autumn again on future copywriting projects.

Lynette Davis, Writer & Mental Health Advocate

No one could have convinced me learning copy editing could be fun. Autumn Tompkins has written a mu8st-read editing primer for any business owner or writer. And it’s entertaining! Tompkins has pulled off a miracle in making make grammar feel fresh and relevant through engaging and endearing personal stories. Read this book – implement the tips – learn from one of the best. 

Lela Davidson, Author

Autumn’s book is WOW! Why? Because English class was my most hated class from grade 1-post graduate business school — the boredom of language to sound smart and where to put periods, and commas just didn’t interest me. Autumn has busted my perception with putting an exciting spin on how to make edits so your copy reads like KY Jelly. As a sales copywriter in the health and wellness industry I keep this book within a finger’s reach to ensure my copy I don’t miss any points in editing before sending it to my clients.

Kevin Kwan, Copywriter

…a delightful copy editing guide full of important information for those of us who want to cut the fluff from our copy and become stronger writers.’

Joleene DesRosiers, Producer, Author, TV Personality, Speaker

You know what makes me grumpy? When I realize there’s just barely enough Nutella to spread on one piece of bread, let alone the two (or four) I was really hoping for.

You know what doesn’t make me grumpy? The Grumpy Grammarian’s Guide to Copy Editing. Seriously. This book will not only make you NOT grumpy, it’ll make you laugh, nod, cringe (because you realized you make some bad copy mistakes), and make you want to keep flipping the page for more humor-infused tips.

The best part? You can zip through these lessons and get back to your regularly scheduled programs in a couple hours. Seriously. This woman educates while entertaining. And entertains while educating. 

Don’t take my word for it, here’s my favorite quote in the whole book:

“Commit to using swear words in your copy to connect with readers. Just like I committed to being disabled. So I didn’t have to shake a dirty man’s hand.” p.70

Karine Bengualid, Copywriter

Autumn’s no-bullshit editing and knowledge of ungoogleable questions has made her my grammar guru. She’s half Hemingway App, half English professor, and half snarky friend from the bar. Yes, that’s three halves, but that’s how big she is. This book will make you a better writer. (Now can I please have my dog back, Autumn? I did what you asked!)

Justin Blackman. Copywriter

This is NOT your grandmother’s dusty old grammar guide. Autumn’s insightful tips and off-the-wall anecdotes will help you write copy that keeps your readers entertained, your clients happy, and your wallet FAT.

Misha de Brent, Copywriter

This is the perfect book for any person who wants to communicate with clarity, brevity, and authority. We’ve been trained to think we have to use more words to get our message across. With her clear, concise, and practical tips, Autumn shows us less is actually more. I find her tips so helpful that I’m going to keep this book on my desk as a reference tool.

Kadena Tate, Author & Speaker

I’ve always struggled with proper grammar. I know it when I see it, but never understood the “rules.” In school, people would explain grammar to me using jargon that made no sense. I love The Grumpy Grammarian’s Guide to Copy Editing because Autumn uses real life, concrete examples instead of grammar jargon. She has a Sesame Street style of teaching that relies on repetition, so you learn copy editing intuitively. It’s more fun, a lot faster, and so much easier than memorizing rules. Before you know it, you become your own Grumpy Grammarian, sharing Autumn’s tips everywhere and with everyone.

Erika Lyremark, Author, Think Like A Stripper & Creator of The Daily Whip

Clear and concise. The way Autumn Tompkins takes me through the Labyrinth of Copy Editing, with humour-filled encounters, is sitting in English class without having to take a nap. She covers everything from tone to punctuations-and approves of swear words- if this is how you roll. Read it 4 times and I now understand the “whys and hows” of Copy Editing. This definitely improves my writing by 10x. Thank you, The Grumpy Grammarian.

Hansa P.

Tompkins’ book may be short, but it is pithy and witty, and much fun to read. If her advice on every page is followed, we’d all be much better writers and editors. As a copyeditor, Tompkins loathes redundancy and sloppiness. ‘Ad an additional $97’ is a phrase that drives her mad. Just add $97 and she’ll be pleased as punch.

Hande Z.

The author is a master storyteller who uses her own (often hilarious) experiences to illustrate those common grammar problems that so many of us struggle with. I was disappointed to learn, though, that my favorite punctuation mark—the em dash—is one of the things that makes her grumpy. Oh, well. Live and learn. Seriously, definitely worth having on your bookshelf.

Amelia Franz

Would yo8u ever read a dictionary or an encyclopedia from cover to over? The same goes with any copy editing book right?? Well, NOT in this case!
Autumn created something that is as informative and inspiring regarding the written word, as it is fun to read. I’m talking entertainment here. It sure helps remember some of those rules. Mission impossible-accomplished!

Monicka Clio Sakki 

If grammar intimidates you but you still want to write coherent, readable sentences, this is your book. It explains all the common usage mistakes and how to fix them. Autumn’s book makes grammar seem fun, even funny; something no English teacher ever did. Sorry, Mrs. Rilling.

Christy S.