The Grumpy Grammarian

Copy Editor-in-Chief

Copy editing is the unsung hero of copywriting.

It’s the invisible engine that keeps the wheels of consistency turning, so content agencies produce quality copywriting all the time. 

That’s why every major media company has an Editor-in-Chief—because consistency across copywriting teams makes all the difference.

But here’s where the wheels of your 1969 Dodge Charger fall off… (Hey there, Vin Diesel) 

You’ve been doing this job yourself. And let’s get Fast & Furious real … you’re overwhelmed.

Between growing your business, managing all the other staff, and making sure that the content your copywriters produce is top-notch, you don’t have a lot of time left over for yourself—for your family, for side projects, for anything that you want to do personally or professionally.

And what’s even worse? The quality of your copywriting has mic dropped. But there’s no funny punchline to make your clients laugh or profound thoughts for them to contemplate.

There’s only loss…

*Loss of faith in your services for your clients.

*And loss of revenue for you when these clients choose to work with a different agency.

The good news is there’s a solution…

Delegating this task to someone who can create consistency across your copywriting team so you can focus your time and expertise elsewhere.

I’m not talking about just any someone—I’m talking about me!

I can take over all the day-to-day copywriting tasks that keep you from doing what you love by offering my services as a Copy Editor-in-Chief.

I specialize in…

*Managing copywriters, reviewing their copywriting, and offering ways to improve and/or streamline processes so that you get better results with every piece of copy they write.

*Identifying weaknesses in copywriters’ skills and areas for improvement so they get better with every piece of copy they write.

*Ensuring copywriters act cohesively and self-reliantly through a strong working relationship that’s dependent on trust, cooperation, and open communication so there are rarely any issues with quality.

I know you love your copywriters. But what if you could love them even more? What if you could make them even more productive and efficient so that they could work better, faster, and with more confidence?

And what if you could do all that without having to review a single piece of copy they write?

That’s why you need me. Let’s talk. Email me to book a chat today.

*Prices starting at $959 per month*