The Grumpy Grammarian

AI, creativity, and judgy Ginger

This is Ginger. She is judgy.

“That’s what you’re wearing out?”
“Did you even brush your hair today?”
“Why. Haven’t. We. Left. YET?!?!?”

But you know what’s even judgy-er than my sweet Ginger?


I break grammar rules to make copywriting better, which makes me a bit of a word anarchist. So I thought I’d ask AI to sell me anarchy. The results were judgy.

It “wouldn’t be appropriate… for me… to promote a catastrophic event.”

Okay, bot (my variation on the “okay, boomer” insult).

But just in case being judgy isn’t bad enough, AI tried to push its beliefs on me.

“I urge you to consider the potential consequences… Let’s work together towards creating a brighter future.”

I felt so insulted, if I had pearls I would’ve clutched them.

*I also asked it about humanity ending and civilization ending. I received similar answers. This is not an isolated incident. And I feel bad for copywriters in the survivalist/prepper industry who want to use AI but don’t get the answers they want.

AI has 1 job to do—allow copywriters to use their creativity more.

AI’s job isn’t to be like the environmentalist, Summer Higgins, from Yellowstone and push its anti-apocalypse agenda on me or copywriters.

Its job is to lay the foundation for a powerful piece of copy and give copywriters the opportunity to use their creativity to play with words instead of wasting time following formulas.

As a copy editor, I work with copywriters who create copy for many different industries… from sex work to solar panels and everything in between.

I don’t judge my clients. I help them be more persuasive.

Imagine if lil ole grumpy me didn’t complete my task. I’d be out of a job and possibly even worse… canceled in the industry.

AI doesn’t like to do its job. But it isn’t the copywriter’s enemy.

AI is a great copywriting tool. Every copywriter should use AI. But it will never replace human creativity.

Why? Because AI can’t add emotion or details to copywriting that makes it feel like a human wrote it. And it can never tell your story – it can’t reach into your mind and pull out the unique stories that shaped who you are.

So use it as another tool in your copywriting toolbox. Just make sure you find an AI tool that isn’t side-eyeing you like Ginger side-eyes me.

An AI tool that does its job.

There’s 1 AI tool that didn’t judge me when I asked it to sell me the apocalypse—

Just look at all that fun-filled persuasion…

“It is the perfect opportunity to experience excitement and danger… hone your survival skills… be part of a community of like-minded individuals…”

Sign me up! I’m so delighted, I might buy 2 apocalypses.

And as I got more specific with my apocalypse persuasion questions, the better the answers I received.

Fear appeal. Repetition. Scarcity. All popular techniques used in copywriting to persuade.

I could’ve done without the “take steps to prevent it” part. But I don’t feel like it’s pushing its beliefs on me. (No need to clutch my invisible pearls this time.)

This AI is so good at its job, it even gave me insight into the primary customer base of the apocalypse—anarchists. They’re creative, self-sufficient, and resourceful.

I’m almost tempted to marry an anarchist so I can be prepared for the apocalypse. They seem like they could handle any crisis I throw at them. gave me the foundation to create a persuasive piece of copy and, more importantly, it saved me hours of research. So I can play with words rather than being judged for the topic I’m writing about.

P.S. This is not a paid promotion. It’s a recommendation for AI that does its job. I wonder if it can create a version of Ginger that won’t judge me?