Giving Your Copy The Final SHINE it Needs To Be . . .



One-off copy editing services? Pfft…no one eats just one potato chip, gets just one tattoo, or gives just one kiss, right?

Right. Because you want to live life to its fullest. Shouldn’t your copy do that, too?

Of course, it should.

Which is why having me in your back pocket gives you…

  • Peace of mind
  • Reassurance
  • Confidence

And gives your copy the FINAL SHINE it needs to be CLEAR & COMPELLING.

Because you reap all the benefits of my undivided attention, I prefer to work with my customers on a retainer.

That’s right, we’d be friends with w-o-r-d benefits.

  • No walk of shame for you because of grammar, clarity, or persuasion mistakes.
  • No awkward business cuddling because you don’t have to emotionally invest in your copy editing.
  • No introduction to your parents because you and I will be the only people who know what we do.

What are the not-so-grumpy benefits of a copy editing retainer?

In-house copy editor: You’ll have the luxury of an on-call copy editor at your disposal without the headache of vacation time, a regular salary, or awkward water cooler small talk that you’d have with a permanent employee.

Smokin’ strategy: You’ll have a blazing bonus to entice your customers to hire you…an in-house copy editor. Revel in the fact that your customers will believe you’re more professional than the average copywriter because you have a copy editor on your team.

But you should know up front . . .

For new retainer customers, I require an initial commitment of 3 months.

I know. I know. I know…90 days seems like a looong (insert eye roll here) time. I require this because it allows me to develop a stronger understanding of you and your business. Which means you get the highest possible quality copy editing from me (insert eyebrow raise and smirk here).

After the 3 months ends, you can continue with me on a month-to-month basis.

Sound like no-strings-attached fun? Awesome! Here are the delightful details:

What’s a copy editing retainer?

It’s a set number of copywriting projects to be edited each month. You contract me to fulfill these projects. By retaining my services you’re guaranteed a spot in my calendar. I can’t say, “Opps…I don’t have time for you.”

How does it work?

Together, we’ll create a copy editing plan for your business (Or you can just tell me what projects you need completed.). This plan of action ensures that every month you have a set list of projects to be copy edited. And I’m aware of those projects.

No surprises, k-thanks.

Do I need to manage the details of your work?


My role is to copy edit according to your plan. I’ll keep the edits running smoothly, so you can do what you do best – write.

But I do require final approval of copy edits in a timely manner. So I’ll remind you about deadlines AND expect a prompt reply.

Ready to get down, but not dirty…Let’s DO it!

I charge one flat rate for a copy editing retainer . . . $499 USD per month.

For $499 USD you get:

Up to 7 pages of copy edited per month.

1 page = up to 350 typed words in Times New Roman font.

To reserve your spot in my calendar, email me at

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