The Grumpy Grammarian

Copy Editing Retainer

Who eats just one gummy bear? Or plays just one hand of cards? Or gets just one tattoo?

Certainly not me. They’re too addictive.

So why would you settle for one-off copy editing services?

You wouldn’t.

Because my copy editing turns…

-Boring sales pages into persuasion-packed powerhouses.

-Confusing email chaos into crystal-clear, can’t-look-away sequences.

-Wordy website jargon into snappy, simple copy that grabs attention.

Are you ready to use my copy editing retainer to make your copywriting so addictive your clients can’t quit you?

It’s not just copy editing — It’s like a perpetual profit maker.


Here’s the details…

Retainer 1: I’ll copy edit 20 pieces of copywriting and add suggestions to improve it. This is a simple back-and-forth retainer relationship.

COST: $1,195 per month

Retainer 2: I’ll copy edit 20 pieces of copywriting, add suggestions to improve it, plus give you a 1-hour private call every month.

During this call, we’ll talk about your strengths and weaknesses, and I’ll help you improve your copywriting skills. You can also ask me any burning questions about your processes, business, or copywriting-related topics.

COST: $1,395 per month

You’ll get consistent, reliable work on your copywriting at a significantly lower rate than my one-off projects.

You’ll get fast turn around. You won’t have the headaches of waiting for a spot in my calendar.

You won’t second-guess yourself or reread your copy 50 million times to make sure it’s perfect.

Want to try my copy editing out before you commit to a retainer?

I’d love that. I’ll edit one piece of copy (a short sales page, home page, about page, product description, social media post, etc.) for you at my reduced one-off fee of $99.

Ready to make your copywriting as addictive as reality TV? Let’s talk. Email me