Giving up on Glamour shots

But not on copy editing You know what’s difficult? Creating imaginative penny art AND not capturing the perfect picture. After I was done playing Mother Nature and using hot water to bend apple tree branches, I haphazardly added pennies and other embellishments to create my whimsical art. I was happy with the way it turned … Read more

Puke buckets and authentic words

A transparent post with TMI This weekend was rough on me. I was sick. And not in the usual sinusitis way that I’m used to. The way that some Benadryl and hot tea help me power through. Oh, no. This was a full-blown pajamas, puke bucket, and feminine products (because I might shit myself) situation. … Read more

And on the 5th day, she soaked branches

Guess what I’m making?!?! It snowed today. Wicked bad. And my internet signal wasn’t compatible with work life. So I decided to get a head start on a new penny project while trying to respond to emails and copy edit. It’s a tree of life complete with real branches from my apple tree. But these … Read more

Thrift Shop Blazers And Writing Confidence

Let me give you Macklemore-like confidence Last week, I was on a crafting mission to find a wooden frame for a new penny art project. So I went to the thrift shop — sans Macklemore. When I rolled through the door, I spotted the framed pictures immediately to my right. And spent about 20 minutes … Read more

In a sea of mundane copywriting…

Once upon a time, a fabulous lady lived in absolute fear of grammatical errors. She knew she was unique from her bold print outfits to her fancy teacups, and she wanted to share her style with everyone. But the British educational system filled her so full of terror that it paralyzed her writing. A lifetime … Read more

You can’t maintain controlled chaos forever

Imaginary emergencies and storage carts I bought a 12-drawer rolling storage cart last week. Let me rephrase that: Last week, I finally had enough. For 3 years, I’ve piled rocks, paint, and other art supplies in boxes AND left them stacked in the corner of my bedroom. Every time I wanted to create, I’d have … Read more

Fixing other people’s problems and grammar rules

Recite this mantra to avoid drama Every morning, before I turn my phone on, I recite a mantra… “The sky is blue. The grass is green. And today, I won’t be mean.” Because some days, the world and all of its problems hit me while I’m half awake. On those days, I don’t like myself … Read more

Butter cookies and balance

Your 5 senses have friends It’s my first full week back at it since the holidays. And I’m underwhelmed again. I’m not saying Christmas is my favorite time of year — it’s not. Summer is. But for me, Christmas awakens my senses because it… Tastes like warm butter cookies fresh out of the oven. Sounds … Read more

A New Year funny face

Because even The Grumpy Grammarian likes to be silly I met with my niece and nephew today for our 6th annual New Year’s Eve tradition — Dunkin’ Donuts. This tradition began in 2013 at Friendly’s with just my niece. (Because my nephew wasn’t born yet.) She’d have a sleepover. And for lunch, we’d go to … Read more

Christmas Eve after dark

Thoughts from a pew Well not really. I bring my own seat. Do you see what I see? The nativity is beautiful. But the straw is still just a fake cover on a cardboard box, so I can’t steal any. Do you hear what I hear? Reciting 3 Hail Marys before the opening hymn. Are … Read more