French Liqueur And Fake Stories

My brain on Bénédictine

Let me tell you a story:

In 1510, there lived a Benedictine monk who was gifted in alchemy. He wanted to create an elixir to lengthen life. So during his free time at the monastery, he mixed a few dozen herbs and plants with honey and alcohol to make this concoction. One day, King Francis I visited the monastery and tasted the monk’s mixture. He exclaimed, “On my honor! I’ve never tasted anything better!” From that day forward, King Francis I drank nothing but the elixir.

This is the origin story of the herbal French liqueur, Bénédictine.

It’s printed on the back of every bottle.

And it’s completely fictional.

No monk. No magic potion to extend life. No endorsement from a king.

Just the delicious boozy elixir.

Why bother printing it on the label? Because stories sell.

Instead of creating this origin story, the brand could’ve simply printed a bland statement on the label like:

Bénédictine is an herbal French liqueur made since 1863 in Fecamp, Normandy. It’s made with 27 different ingredients on an 80-proof base of distilled beetroot, sweetened with acacia honey and aged in oak for at least 15 months.


You know why this brand (and every other European liqueur) prints origin stories on its bottles?

Because emotionally charged stories grab attention, are remembered, and skyrocket perceived value.

You’re not just drinking any $50 liqueur.

You’re drinking an elixir that might extend your life. The same elixir that a monk dedicated his life to creating. The same elixir that a king drank every day.

In your brain, that practically makes you royalty.

And what’s that experience worth? Way more than a Ulysses S. Grant, that’s for sure.

P.S. Your prospects experience so many things in a day, which is why it’s vital you create copywriting that’s worth remembering.

So I challenge you to create an origin story for your signature product or service.

I’m not encouraging you to tell tall tales like the European liqueur brands. But writing with a little exaggeration while under the influence of your favorite libation won’t hurt anyone.

P.P.S. Need help with the origin story of your signature product or service? Reply to this email.