Your Brain On Hemingway

40 different one-sentence endings

Did you know your brain attaches the quality of a piece of writing to the ending?

It’s true. Hemingway knew this when he wrote the ending of A Farewell To Arms 40 times.

That’s 40 different one-sentence endings.

You see, he knew that if you didn’t stick the landing like a gold-medal pole vaulter, you’d fall on your face. And no one would care that you had an…

  • Interesting headline (making readers want to know more)
  • Compelling benefits (helping readers visualize how their lives could be happily different)
  • Mind-blowing social proof (causing readers to scream “take my money”)

Because they’d only be focused on how bad your ending was.

The story’s job inside your sales page is to take readers on a journey.

A good ending — where the story about how readers’ lives will be changed because of the product or service — leaves your readers in a different place than before. And it demonstrates how what you’re selling will affect them.

A bad ending — where the story isn’t complete — won’t impact them. And it renders your entire sales page meaningless.

  • Who cares about compelling benefits if readers don’t understand how they relate to their lives?
  • Who cares about social proof if readers can’t picture their own lives being transformed by the product or service?
  • And who cares about looking past the headline if readers aren’t enticed to take action?

No one cares. (They’ll simply click away from your sales page.) Except for me.

I care. And I want you to nail the ending of the story on your sales page.

So in 2021, I challenge you to be like Hemingway and write your call-to-action 40 times. And it should be more than one sentence long.

PRO TIP: your call-to-action should wrap up the sales page’s story by…

  • Completing the readers’ journey from life being a challenge to life being a triumph.
  • Demonstrating how their lives will be better because of the product or service.
  • Enticing them to take action.

Here’s to ending every sales page you write (and 2020) on a high note.

Word Up,

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