Purple Spite And Oak Trees

A tip for concise copy

Some days, I’m purple with spite. I end up looking like Violet from the Willy Wonka movie.

Sugar and spice don’t go with my attitude.

For example, last year my neighbor cut down 26 oak trees on his one-acre lot.

All the squirrels that used to live near him, now live at my house. Those fluffy-tailed demons ate all the apples off my poor little tree 2 falls in a row. I can’t even grab enough to make a pie. (Can you feel my purple spite?)

So I decided to get even with my neighbor.

In August, I picked up all the acorns I could find and sprouted them. I’m going to sneak into his backyard and plant them this spring.

Two weeks ago, my other neighbor died. He was an 82-year-old German immigrant. He had the best cookouts (to know me is to understand that I don’t fraternize with neighbors). And I actually asked him if he would adopt me because that man knew how to grill.

As I was reading his obituary (that’s what adults do, right?), I discovered that in lieu of flowers, he wanted people to plant trees in his name.

Sometimes, I think I need to trim my attitude. But not this time. Spitefully planting trees is actually honoring my dead neighbor’s wishes.

I don’t always trim my spitefulness, but I do trim my words.

What’s the simplest way to trim excess words?

Take each sentence you wrote, highlight the action-packed verbs, and rewrite your sentence.

For example…

If you want to join my email list just sign up here and get ready to receive tips every Tuesday.

Action-packed verbs are in bold.

If you want to join my email list just sign up here and get ready to receive tips every Tuesday.

Now, let’s cut the clutter…

Sign up here for my email list and receive tips every Tuesday.

It may seem difficult at first. But I promise, once you highlight action-packed verbs, it’s easy to make your sentences concise.

Which warms my grumpy heart and stops me from planting spite trees in your yard.