Sacrifice your writing

Rituals are cool

I love rituals. (Not the animal-sacrifice kind.)

They soothe my anxiety and boost my confidence much like my pitbulls reduce my nail biting and Pitbull’s songs increase my energy.

I have a lot of rituals… My morning routine is a ritual. My bedtime routine is a ritual. Even my writing routine is a ritual.

My writing routine is sophisticatedly simple. All I do is:

-Open up my notebook. (I’m switching to a digital notebook, so no more dead trees for me.)

-Grab a colored pen. (I have 10 to choose from which is down from almost 30. Because I procrastinate picking out the right color to match my mood.)

-Open my can of Coke. (Room temp, please.)

-Turn on some old music. (The songs that I know all the lyrics by heart. Because learning new lyrics is distracting.)

-Write. (Even if it’s just gibberish and doodles at first.)

And boom… this ritual kicks my brain into writing gear.

Other writers have rituals, too.

One writes with a blindfold on. (To silence their inner critic because they can’t actually see the words.)

Another writes with a cigarette dangling out of their mouth. (Even though they’re a nonsmoker, the sensory activity focuses their thoughts.)

These rituals all have one commonality — they’re simple, and they trigger the brain into writing mode.

Do you have a writing ritual? I’d love to hear about it.

Don’t have a writing ritual? I can help you create one in Drool-Worthy Copy. Check it out here.