Perspective and impact

A copy edit tip inspired by a 9 year old

Last week, I lamented over taking the perfect picture of my penny tree art.

I was so bummed about not getting a great shot that I lost sleep and even considered hiring a professional photographer.

Oh, silly Autumn — pictures are for kids.

That’s right, pictures are for Hailey in particular.

She strolled through my front door on Saturday. (Taking her coat & backpack off and dropping them on the floor in one seamless motion.)

Fangirled over my art with an “A, that’s so cool!” (Which is the exact confidence boost I needed.)

Snapped a pic of it. (Before I could even tell her about my terrible pictures.)

And showed me what she captured from her angle. (Which I thought would be even worse than mine.)

But nope…

4 feet 3 inches — is the exact height needed to capture a reflection-free photo of my penny tree.

Talk about perspective.

When it comes to describing a story in your copywriting, you need to choose a perspective too. Because it helps your readers connect with your copy more.

Perspective in copywriting is either based on comprehension or emotion.

Do you want your readers to feel like they’re familiar with the story? Like it’s a similar situation they’ve experienced?

Choose the insider’s perspective.

For example:

She came into the grocery store.

Your readers process this perspective from their point of view. It’s easy to process because it’s familiar to them. Everyone has been to a grocery store.

Do you want your readers to feel an emotional impact from the story? Even though they may have never experienced a similar situation?

Choose the outsider’s perspective.

For example:

The robber went into the bank.

Your readers process this perspective from the bank customers’ point of view. They process this differently because most people haven’t experienced a bank robbery. Even though they process this perspective differently, it’s still easy to process because it impacts them on an emotional level.

So remember when you’re telling a story in your copywriting, choose the right perspective. Your readers will connect with your copy more.

P.S. Now Hailey’s picture does this art justice.