Puke buckets and authentic words

A transparent post with TMI

This weekend was rough on me.

I was sick. And not in the usual sinusitis way that I’m used to. The way that some Benadryl and hot tea help me power through.

Oh, no. This was a full-blown pajamas, puke bucket, and feminine products (because I might shit myself) situation.

I know that’s probably TMI for you, but I’m transparent AF. And today was the first day I could eat food. So I’m riding a full-belly high.

You might notice that I used the word transparent and not authentic.

Wanna know why?

Because I’m not trying to use the same words as the $10K gurus. (You know them… they’re the ones who brag about making $10K from a single email.)

So many copywriters and small business owners implement the same language as the $10K gurus because…

“These have worked for them, so it’ll work for me, right?”

Wrong. Puke bucket wrong.

I know you’re damn good at what you do.

But how do you come up with the right words to get your dream clients to work with you…

…without sounding like that robocall announcing you just won a free cruise?

That’s why I’m excited to share The Copy Chat with you.

You may have seen me mention it last Tuesday and Friday.

This is one of those concrete masterclasses that shows you how to create compelling copy that converts, so you don’t sound like those $10K gurus.

You’ll learn to dig deeper into your message, resonate with your dream clients, and create a human connection… so you sound like you.

And that starts with me teaching you the 3 C’s of Copy Editing: Turn your copywriting from ho hum to oh yum.

Here’s a peek at how other word wizards will help you…

-Discover the steps to start writing like you (+ the best writing routine for your schedule)
-Get the smart science behind attracting more comments on Instagram.
-Understand why storytelling is the key to emails that get read.
-Transform the it’s-already-been-said mindset keeping your blog blank.

Grab a spot in The Copy Chat here, and you’ll have immediate access to the masterclass series.

It’s like a virtual coffee date with me where you learn all my copy editing secrets. Only you can sip coffee. I’m still queasy and sticking with water.

P.S. Here’s a picture of Ginger. Pictures of me aren’t a good idea right now.