And on the 5th day, she soaked branches

Guess what I'm making?!?!

It snowed today. Wicked bad. And my internet signal wasn’t compatible with work life. 

So I decided to get a head start on a new penny project while trying to respond to emails and copy edit.

It’s a tree of life complete with real branches from my apple tree. But these branches were so curved and crooked that I needed to straighten them out. 

Did you know that if you soak tree branches in boiling water, they become pliable and bend to your every whim?

You can, and I did. 

It’s so fun playing Mother Nature. 

This penny art will be a raffle item at a benefit my sister’s hosting for her co-worker. 

I love being helpful and giving to a good cause, which is why I’m so excited about The Copy Chat. 

I’m going to teach you how to turn your copywriting from ho hum to oh yum through copy editing. 

And it’s FREE. But here’s how awesome the host of this online masterclass series is:

You can upgrade for a small fee AND she will donate that fee to the Headstrong Project.

It’s an organization that helps post-9/11 military vets with the mental healthcare they need and deserve.

Let me (and 20+ other copywriters, business coaches, and online strategists) help you improve your copywriting while you help veterans. 

It’s a win win win — I help you. You improve your copywriting. And you help veterans.

Link here.