Thrift Shop Blazers And Writing Confidence

Let me give you Macklemore-like confidence

Last week, I was on a crafting mission to find a wooden frame for a new penny art project.

So I went to the thrift shop — sans Macklemore.

When I rolled through the door, I spotted the framed pictures immediately to my right. And spent about 20 minutes examining & measuring each frame to make sure I bought the right one for my project.

As I was cashing out, I noticed a bold-patterned blazer and stepped out of line to look at it.
It had a brown, pink, and peach flower pattern.
It was in my miniature-adult size.
And it was half off $12.
That’s what I call my perfect buying storm (cute, my size, and on sale). But I lack Mackelmore’s clothing confidence and put it back on the rack — a decision I’ll let haunt me for the next 5 years.

I might lack body positivity, but I DON’T lack writing confidence. And I want you to have the same confidence as Macklemore in a thrift shop as I do with writing.

That’s why I’m excited to share The Copy Chat with you.

It’s an online masterclass series with 20+ leading copywriters, business coaches, and online strategists revealing their proven tips so you can craft kick-ass content…

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And me!

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Warning: your copy could become too compelling… not sure how you’ll stop your mom from wanting to be a pay-in-full client. 😉

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