In a sea of mundane copywriting…

Once upon a time, a fabulous lady lived in absolute fear of grammatical errors. 

She knew she was unique from her bold print outfits to her fancy teacups, and she wanted to share her style with everyone. But the British educational system filled her so full of terror that it paralyzed her writing.

A lifetime of studying educational training manuals resulted in writing that was so stiff you could stand a spoon up in it. And her creativity? Self-editing led to creative stoppage because she dreaded imperfection.

Her anxiety around writing was like the Queen walked through her door for tea and she immediately realized the dog peed on the carpet under the table — someone was going to find a grammar mistake and beat her with a stick for it. 

Jacqueline Fairbrass needed to find a way to make writing copy a pleasure instead of a dreary chore.

And she did. She found me — The Grumpy Grammarian. 

I share copy editing and storytelling tips that free you from the restrictions of grammar rules while showing you how to enhance your personality, so your readers devour every word you write. 

With my help, Jacqueline learned that she needs to write like she speaks — from her heart and soul to the heart and soul of others. Direct. Authentic. Real!

Instead of worrying about grammar rules and making mistakes, Jacqueline…

  • Joyfully shares her stories with playful details.
  • Unleashes her authentic voice so it speaks loud + clear.
  • And has so much fricken fun when she writes. 

She says, “Now writing feels better than sex. (Just kiddin’, but I am having a good time.)”

And Jacqueline’s readers have noticed her writing transformation. “Truly a life story with lessons that need to be heard. You have touched my heart. Thank you for brightening my day.”

But Jacqueline sums up her experience with me the best, “I’m not just absolutely fabulous, I’m absolutely fascinating too! Hah! I loved writing as a child. It was seriously smashed down by life. Because of Autumn, a new door has opened, and I get to share. And people appreciate what I share. It’s an amazing gift! Not only am I improving in business, but my personal growth is sparkling along. In a sea of mundane copywriting, Autumn sparkles like dew drops as the sun rises.”

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