A New Year funny face

Because even The Grumpy Grammarian likes to be silly

I met with my niece and nephew today for our 6th annual New Year’s Eve tradition — Dunkin’ Donuts.

This tradition began in 2013 at Friendly’s with just my niece. (Because my nephew wasn’t born yet.)

She’d have a sleepover. And for lunch, we’d go to Friendly’s & eat ice cream until our noses were so cold the snot would freeze to our upper lips.

Over time, this tradition evolved from…

Sleepovers to meetups.

Just Hailey to Hailey, Jackson & Momma.

Friendly’s and ice cream to Dunkin’ Donuts and hot chocolate.

And every year, our New Year’s Eve tradition gets better.

Because it evolves.

Just like my plans for my tips.

You, my little grump-tastic lovely, are in for a coffee-soaked treat. (I hope you like vanilla lattes.)

Besides my signature stories, I’ll be sending you…

Cody editing tips. (Storytelling tweaks and persuasion hacks that feel fun to write and read.)

Because if you aren’t having fun writing your copy, your readers won’t have fun reading it.

Mini grammar lessons. (Popular style guide enforcers are going to ban me from grammar conventions.)

Because why are we following 400-year-old rules that don’t apply to the way we write anymore?

And invitations to free trainings. (Closing the gap between grammar and a living tool that now includes gifs and emojis.)

Because like everything else in this world, language evolves. And you either adapt or get left behind.

Have a Happy New Year.