Your reward for a year well done

Distractions anyone?

It’s the week before Christmas, and I’m distracted.

Sugar-plum-fairies-dancing-in-my-head distracted. (Because I’m twitterpated with the holidays.)

Yes, I’m tired. Yes, I’m hungry. Yes, I’m probably forgetting someone’s gift. (Because I ALWAYS forget someone no matter how many lists I keep.)

But the holidays are my reward for a year well done.

I envy other online business owners I see:

  • Writing their end-of-year blog posts.
  • Choosing their word of the year for 2020.
  • And taking the entire month of December off to plan their whole new year in advance.

Because that’s just not who I am.

Writing an entire post about how productive I was in 2019 and what I accomplished? Nope. That feels like taking inventory of my mistakes. As you may know, I’m Catholic and we feel guilty enough as it is.

Choosing a word of the year? Naw. I need more than one word to sum up my intentions for the following year. Unless I can come up with something catchy like that hyphenated list of STIs, ghona-herpe-syphi-litis.

Taking the entire month of December off to plan the whole new year? N-to-the-O. Right now, I can barely plan my meals a week in advance. RIP, pizza. Thanks, IBS.

But maybe that’s how other online business owners reward themselves?

Now cuddling up with a few pizzelle cookies and watching Uncle Buck (the best Christmas movie you’ve never seen) while I wrap my homemade treasures for my family…

That’s exactly who I am. And that’s just part of my reward for a year well done.

How do you reward yourself for a year well done?

Email me. I’d love to know.

P.S. Here’s gif of Moose drooling. Because… homemade pumpkin & peanut butter dog treats.