You can’t fix everything

But my nephew can

My nephew’s one of those kids who just makes me smile.

And boy, can he fix anything. (Even if it’s not broken.)

Just about every time he visits me, he…

Proclaims “A, your chair’s broke-tin and needs to be fixed-ed.”

Skips over to the toy area while his pants legs rub together with a “swish, rasp, rasp, rasp.”

Grabs his toolbox and “swish, rasp, rasp, rasps” back over to me.

Lifts my feet off my footrests before he opens them up.

And shimmies his way underneath my wheelchair with hammer in hand.

For the next 15 minutes, he pounds all around the inside cover that protects the wiring from dirt and mumbles about screws & wheels.

When he finally emerges, he shakes his head, wipes his forehead, and says (with all the you’re-out-of-candy seriousness he can muster)…

“Phhhhhhuuuuuu. That was really hard, A. I work-ted a lotta. Can I haves the monies outta your pouch?”

Of course, he can.

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I work just as hard as my 5-year-old nephew, but I won’t ask for your “monies.”