The BIG Penny Reveal

I finally finished the gifts for my siblings’ better halves. (There’s 3 of them. Does that make a whole one? Maybe more than a whole one? IDK. Too much math again.)

A buck. A bass. And a set of angel wings.

I’m a creative person. Always have been. Always will be. (Always Coca-Cola.) But I overthink my creative endeavors.

Like should I glue the pennies heads up or down?

A heads-up penny is good luck. Heads down — not so much.

Should I give these gifts to them on Christmas Day or on New Year’s Eve?

Pennies placed in the corners of bedrooms on New Year’s Eve bring good luck & fortune next year.

Should I have made 4 of these for each person — so they could actually have pennies in each corner of their bedroom?

Maybe their bedrooms have more than 4 corners? I’ve never actually noticed.

I’m. Going. To. Mess. Up. Their. Lives.

Do they even believe in this sort of hocus pocus? Of course, they don’t.

So heads down it is. No one wants 200 dead presidents blankly staring at them.

There’s an eyeliner fine line between overthinking and overthinking.

One is dwelling on a problem. (Lying awake at night, staring at the ceiling, worrying about the problem.)

The other is searching for a solution. (Analyzing the problem from every angle, brainstorming ways to solve it, deciding which way solves it effectively and efficiently.)

Don’t overthink DWC.

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-Analyze your copywriting abilities.

-Brainstorm goals to improve your copywriting skills.

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No fuss. No muss. No dwelling.

Just solutions to turn your copywriting from ho-hum to Oh, YUM!

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