Miles 2.0 Is Dead

I’m a bit grumpy today. Grumpier than normal. 

I’d say I was feeling salty except that’s not quite right. Salty implies I’m upset but still in good spirits. 

Which I’m not. 

If you’ve been following me, you know that in February I bought an espresso machine and named him Miles.

We had a torrid coffee affair for 5 months. But in July, we broke up because he stopped working. 

I was heartbroken for 6 weeks until my warranty fixed the situation, and Miles 2.0 arrived at my doorstep. 

I thought we were happily caffeinated together. 

But for the last 3 weeks, I’ve noticed a change in him. 

He spits and sputters behind my back, trying to froth the milk. I end up pushing his buttons again just to get half a cuppa creamy goodness. And then, he gets heated & spews steam everywhere. 

At me. At my countertop. At my beloved fall centerpiece. 

So I called customer service to see what could be done with Miles 2.0.


45 minutes on hold, waiting to speak with a representative.

5 under-my-breath curse words, learning he’s out of warranty less than a year after I bought him.

And 1 manager, trying to soothe my defeated soul. 

(This is getting too close to the 12 Days Of Christmas song. Sorry.)

Miles 2.0 is headed back to the manufacturer. 

They tell me he will be replaced with a brand new machine. Free. Of. Charge. 

But I don’t believe them. I fell for that line 3 months ago and am certain they sent me a refurbished piece of junk. 

I know I shouldn’t complain about a $200 espresso machine. But considering the last machine I had was a $25 Target special that lasted 9 years, I expected more. And now I understand why people spend $2,800 on a decent espresso machine like the Oracle Touch.

Drool-Worthy Copy isn’t a refurbished piece of junk filled with random content you can find during a Google search. It’s the Oracle Touch of copywriting programs filled with custom instruction, and it’s tailored to your specific copy editing, storytelling & persuasion needs. 

Apply for Drool-Worthy Copy here

There’s only one spot left this year. 

P.S. I’m not flipping you off. I lost a fight with my hot glue gun last week and have a 1st degree burn on my finger. I hope you’re having a better month than I am.