My Shortbread Cookie Wish For You.

What makes you happy?

I’m not talking about that excited, screaming YASSS from the IG rooftop while butchering Pharrell’s clap along lyrics like you’re dressing a turkey for Thanksgiving.

I’m talking about the type of happy that makes your soul smile — where you kick back in your teal Converse sneakers, pop a hot-outta-the-oven shortbread cookie into your mouth (and choke a little bit because it instantly crumbles), and revel in your comfort.

That type of happy, well, that’s real. But it’s not often celebrated.

Because it’s not caused by…

Signing your first 10K client who paid in full for the month.

Or snapping a pic with your favorite movie-franchise celebrity who was riding the L train.

Or being invited to give a TEDx Talk about copywriting and storytelling at Google’s headquarters.

Instead, it’s caused by small moments that happen in the recesses of everyday life — the ethereal details that others might overlook.

Like your dog calmly walking past a stranger without redirection or correction.

Like finding a love note from your niece that she hid in your bedroom because she thinks you’re better than Hersey’s Kisses.

Like perfectly matching your 12 pairs of identical no-show socks on the first try.

The best part of those everyday life details?

They build upon themselves. (It’s called the Snowball Effect, but I hate anything to do with the cold so I refuse to use that term.)

My wish for you? To experience this type of happy.

Because when you look into the recesses of your everyday life and see those details, your big moments seem easier to achieve.

Details are the cornerstone of Drool-Worthy Copy. They’re what turns small copy into the TEDx Talk of your industry.

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