Green Pennies and The Jeopardy Theme Song

Ever heard the cliche “like watching paint dry?”

Well, paint ain’t got nothing on watching pennies oxidize. Because that goopy slop dries relatively quick. 

But pennies? Those worthless coins take 24 hours to turn green. 

It’s that time of year again — the holiday season. It means I’m crafting for my siblings and their SOs. (Significant others. That’s way too close to SOB, which is a song title, so I shall never use it to describe them again. Otherwise, I might break out in song.)

I found a stylish way to turn pennies into art. And my brothers-in-law will LOVE it. (Probably not as much as I do.)

All you do is glue pennies to a canvas, so they create a silhouette of whatever shape you want. One of my bonus brothers is getting an 8-point buck silhouette. The other is getting a largemouth bass silhouette. 

But because I’m an overachiever and a former art major, I need different colored pennies to add depth and dimension to the animal silhouettes. 

Hence the oxidation to turn some pennies green. 

Let me just tell you just how tedious and smelly this process is… 

First, I had to sort the pennies into 3 colors. (Shiny copper, dull brown-ish copper, and partially green copper.)

Then, I realized I didn’t have enough green pennies to create the shadows I wanted. (So I had to re-sort them by date — anything before 1983 won’t turn green because they only contain 5% copper.)

And I had to get all science-y to turn some pennies green. 

Which involves…

Lining a dish with a paper towel and placing the pennies on it. (A paper towel is just overachieving toilet paper.)

Pouring a small amount of vinegar over the pennies. (That smell lingers and makes me gag like I’m trying to eat fish without vomiting.)

Sprinkling a few salt crystals on top of each penny. (Like I’m decorating hors d’oeuvres for 100 guests.)

And waiting for what seems like an eternity. But 24 hours later, the oxidation process was complete. And I finally had what I needed to create art.  

24 hours is a long time to wait for a chemical reaction. But you’ll have to wait longer than that to see the results from Drool-Worthy Copy. 

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