Dr. Yellow Drops

I went for my yearly eye exam yesterday.

My insurance doesn’t cover the cost of my exam or contact lenses. So I expect a certain level of service because I’m paying cash-ola. (Yes, I know that makes me sound like a snob.)

Don’t get me wrong — I don’t expect prosecco and a cheese platter. (Although that would’ve been a nice treat considering Thursday is Halloween.)

But I do expect not to wait 45 minutes for my exam.

I’m a patient lady. Sort of.

Anyway, I was finally escorted back to see Dr. Yellow Drops. (I can never remember his name.)

And he runs the usual tests:

Blinding me with intense light to look at my cornea like he’s the paparazzi.

Frightening me with an expected puff of air in each eye like he’s a tornado.

Blurring my vision with yellow drops to dilate each eye like he’s prosecco.

Hence the nickname above.

After the exam, I learned my vision is slowly getting worse. Which is par for the course with my disease.

And he gives me a new prescription for stronger contact lenses & a free trial pair. If I like the brand and can tolerate the new strength, then I can order a year’s worth.

A free trial is a great way to get customers.

I don’t offer this deal for Drool-Worthy Copy because this apprenticeship isn’t a piece of silicone that only lasts for so long — it’s 3 month’s worth of copywriting and copy editing techniques that will help you write faster, better, stronger copy. And you can’t throw that knowledge in the trash.

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