Jokes and Persuasion

I love a good joke. 

It lifts my spirits. 

One good joke can keep my laugh-o-meter full for 3 days. 

This past weekend, I went to my neighbor’s 80th birthday party. 

It was at The Ancient Order of Hibernians. And there was live Irish music, dark & frothy Guinness, and vanilla & chocolate birthday cupcakes. (What more could a 25% Irish lass want?)

A frothy Guinness and a chocolate cupcake go together better than bread and butter. 

During the party, the singer made a joke. I laughed so hard I actually bit my tongue. (Something my mother says I need to do more often.)

After the party, I was still laughing about that joke. So I decided to tell my friend. (I like to spread the funny around.)

I started reciting the setup but stopped. I couldn’t remember the details. And you know how I feel about details. 

I bit my tongue again in frustration — figuring if I felt the pain, I’d remember the details. But nope on a rope. 

So I just told my friend, “It was a joke about Saint Patrick and a funeral for a dog. And the punchline was about the dog being Catholic.”

Maybe the joke was only funny to me and that’s why I couldn’t remember the details. 

A good joke is my secret to having fun. (Even if it’s only in my head.)

What’s my secret to better copywriting? Persuasion.

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