School Taxes and Storytelling

I had to pay my school taxes this week.


I practically have a panic attack carrying that amount of money on my person. (Saying “my person” makes me giggle because it’s too close to my penis, and I’m a 14-year-old boy at heart.)

And I always hear my mother’s voice in my head, “Why don’t you just mail them a check, Autumn?”

“Because I’m a 35-year-old lady, mother.” (She hates it when I call her that.)

“I don’t traffic in paper dolls or paper checks anymore. Do you know how much of a liability they are? It’s so easy for someone to steal them from my house. Gawd!”

And don’t even get me started on that 3% service charge to use my debit card at the county office building.

So cash it is.

When I pull up outside of the building, I enter beast remix mode from Southpaw:

Cash wad hidden under my wheelchair’s seat. (As I repeat the lyrics, “I’m a mother-trucking beast.”)

Sleeves pulled up to show off my tats. (Because fall leaves are SO intimidating.)

Eyes glued open to look at my surroundings. (As I repeat the lyrics, “You don’t want problems with me.”)

Just then, a woman walks by with her mixed-breed mutt. It stops, wags its tail, and licks me. And I go from hyped-up gangsta to a puppy kisses pile of mush.

I have zero street cred.

Hype music is my anti-anxiety secret for carrying around large amounts of cash. (Hardcore rap music is a confidence booster.)

What’s my secret to better copywriting? Storytelling.

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