Resting Bitch Face and Copy Editing

I met a friend for breakfast last month. I hadn’t seen her in real life for 17 years.

I arrived a few minutes early. (Because, in my mind, I’m the White Rabbit and always running late.)

I picked a random table in the middle of the restaurant and performed my ritual:

-Sit facing the doors. That way I can see my friend when she walks in.

-Pull in far enough that the servers won’t trip over my wheelchair. And I won’t wear egg in my hair. 

-Look around to see what everyone else is eating. The ham, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich was popular.

Just then, the server approaches me. She’s an old acquaintance I hadn’t seen in 13 years. (My whole morning was a back-in-the-day parade.) 

I tell her I’m waiting for someone, which apparently was an invitation for her to sit with me.

As we chatted, she complimented me — mentioning how I hadn’t aged or changed. 

I told her it was because I have resting bitch face, so I don’t get wrinkles.

She laughed, my friend arrived, and we ordered.

Resting bitch face is my 30-year beauty secret. (A nod to the phrase that my parents’ used to cheer me up, “Don’t smile, or your face will crack.” Of course, I never smiled when they said it.)

What’s my secret to better copywriting ? Copy editing.

It’s what you’ll learn during the first month of Drool-Worthy Copy. Apply for this copywriting apprenticeship here.