Feature Walls and Intellectual Property Value

There’s nothing more electric-blanket comforting to me than home construction.

Because I was born into a family of renovators.

My childhood was one continuous remodel project after another.

Like removing the concrete stairs that led into our home and building a multi-level wraparound deck with 3 tiers. (Secretly, I’m sure my mother just wanted every last snowflake off our boots before we came traipsing inside.)


Like removing the 70’s brick-wall facade from our kitchen walls and updating it to half pink paint/half natural-color wainscoting. (Because nothing says “welcome to the 90s” like wood on walls.)

I grew up with:

2x4s lying around like Jenga pieces — stacking ideas for next year’s project.

Sawdust floating around like dried dandelion fluff — planting seeds for the next year’s project.

Paint fumes wafting around like homemade sugar cookies — baking sweet dreams about the next year’s project.

But real talk: it’s never just remodeling…

It’s looking at an existing structure and deciding you can do better.

It’s taking pride in your home and in what your mind & hands created.

It’s enriching your soul and increasing your property value one nail at a time.

And it’s bonding with your family while learning a new skill. Adhesive optional.

I have a new offering that makes my heart flutter more than home improvements. Because it enriches your soul, increases your intellectual property value, and helps you bond with your readers.

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P.S. I have a feature wall. I repeat — I HAVE A FEATURE WALL.

It only took 3 hours, 5 Jesus, Mary, and Josephs, and 1 dog walking through cement to build.