Picasso Starry Night-ed This Shit Out Of My Muscle Fibers

Two weeks ago, I attended a Neuromuscular Summit in Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

The trip from my home was short (about an hour), but I was late because I managed to get lost.

I’m an efficient navigator until I’m not. This is because I’m a visual person who uses landmarks to decide where I need to turn. I’m not a count-the-miles person. 

So “turn left at the Valero Gas Station” worked for me until I noticed two of them one street apart. 

I was fashionably late and missed the free breakfast. Which made me Grumpy because:

The conference room door let out a noticeable creaking sound when I flung it open. AND halfway through the second guest speaker, my stomach let out a noticeable hunger grumble.

My neurologist was the third guest speaker. 

I didn’t realize how much we have in common. Like how we both value specificity in language. 

His speech was all about a new and specific way of classifying muscle diseases. 

For example, my disease used to be classified as just a congenital myopathy. 

Plain. Simple. Bland.

But now, its classification looks like a math equation. 

This is because it must have the clinical and pathogenic phenotype, the mode of inheritance, the affected protein and/or gene, and order of discovery.

So now, my disease is classified like this:

Clinical and Pathogenic Phenotype: Congenital Myopathy
Mode of Inheritance: Recessive
Affected Protein or Gene: RYR1 
Order of Discovery: 1

Now let’s plug that into the muscle disease math equation:

Congenital Myopathy Recessive RYR1-related #1

Now let’s reduce that into universal shorthand:

CMR1 RYR1-related 

Sexy, right?

My neurologist saw the need for specificity in his field and did something about it. 

The same way I saw a need for better storytelling in my field. Which is why I spent 12 weeks training you to tell better stories on Instagram by taking mundane activities & routine life situations and spinning them into storytelling gold. All so you build a strong personal brand. 

Because I love you and want to see you build a strong personal brand, I compiled all 12 Instagram Storytelling Training Prompts into a handy PDF. 

Make sure you download it and share your stories on Instagram with the hashtag #grumpyprompts

P.S. Check out these muscle fibers. The picture in the back in what normal muscle fibers look like. The picture in the front is what congenital myopathy muscle fibers look like.

Picasso starry night-ed the shit out of those.