Instagram Storytelling Training Prompt 7

Reminder — For the next 12 weeks, I’m:

  • Sharing my Instagram storytelling secrets with you.
  • Giving you 12 Instagram Story-Writing Prompts.
  • And training you to tell better stories.

Here’s why:

Good storytelling is why I have a strong personal brand, and it’s an important part of building your own personal brand.

You’re developing a connection factor. (It’s like The X Factor, but I promise I’m nicer than Simon Cowell. Well, probably.) 

People love stories. The details and specifics in these stories connect people with your brand. 

So we’re going behind the scenes of your business to spin storytelling gold. It’s still internet small talk (which I’ve spent years mastering), but now it’s business small talk. 

How this Instagram training will work:

  • I’ll tell a business small talk story.
  • I’ll dissect it.
  • I’ll give you a prompt.

You’ll fill in the blanks and spin storytelling gold.

Ready? Here’s my story:

Yesterday, I had my annual appointment with my cardiologist. (He checks to make sure I still have a ❤️)

Good news: It hasn’t turned to stone yet. 

Bad news: I thought I was going to have a heart attack on the drive there.

1 & ½ hours into the trip, I noticed road work signs. The orange blinking lights were unmistakable. (I’m sure they’re Pennsylvania’s state color.)

“Road work exit 168. Travel time: 41 miles 78 minutes.”

About 30 minutes later, I thought to myself “Traffic’s moving smoothly. Where’s that construction?”

The construction gods’ laughed, and I noticed the long line of brake lights appear out of nowhere like Halloween candy on August 1st.

I saw another sign that read “Left lane ends ½ mile.”

For the next 3 miles, 10 dealership’s worth of cars tried to merge into the right lane. The bottleneckers’ ignored the sign until the last minute. 

I clenched my jaw, gritted my teeth, and felt hotter than Chris Hemsworth in a speedo. 

As I approached exit 168, I saw cars pull out of the right lane and speed down the road. 

“Assholes,” I murmured. “They’re just going to cause a longer delay and make me late to my appointment.” 

I wondered how difficult it would be to stop all the cars, pull all the drivers out, line them up in a row, and slap each one across the face. (I’m sure that’d teach them to drive right.) 

Then, I saw it: 

No traffic cones.

No PennDOT workers.

No construction equipment. 

It 👏 was 👏 all 👏 a 👏 head 👏 game. 

The rest of my 3-hour ride was a blur. 

But it reminded me about one of my business viewpoints: Don’t play head/mind games. 

I set clear expectations and boundaries with my clients. If there’s ever a problem, I talk with them about it. I don’t manipulate them to get what I want. I don’t make passive-aggressive comments to them. I don’t talk behind their backs or bad-mouth them on social media. 

I don’t play head/mind games in business. 

Unlike Pennsylvania. That place just likes to screw with my emotions.

P.S. Here’s a picture of how hard Ginger slept when I returned home. Even though I was gone for 9 hours, she’s the one who’s exhausted. And she didn’t even leave the house. 

Here’s the dissection:

Behind the scenes business activity or situation — My business viewpoint about not playing head/mind games.

Details — Pennsylvania road work.

Emotions — Bad drivers and delays.

Drama — No actual construction. Just Pennsylvania playing head/mind games.




Here’s your prompt:

Behind the scenes business activity or situation — Share one of your business viewpoints.

Details — What influenced you to come up with this business viewpoint?

Emotions — How do feel about this business viewpoint?

Drama — Has anything out of the ordinary happened that reminded you of your business viewpoint? 




Now it’s your turn:

  • Fill out the prompt.
  • Snap a picture.
  • And share your story on Instagram.

Feeling extra share-y? Tag me on Instagram. I promise to love & comment on your post. Because I know it’ll be storytelling gold.

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