Instagram Storytelling Training Prompt 4

Reminder — For the next 12 weeks, I’m:

  • Sharing my Instagram storytelling secrets with you.
  • Giving you 12 Instagram Story-Writing Prompts.
  • And training you to tell better stories.

Here’s why:

Personal stories get more engagement than any other Instagram post. They’re the equivalent of internet small talk. And I’ve spent years mastering this skill.

I spin mundane activities & routine life situations into storytelling gold like Seinfeld.

I make these humdrum stories exciting for my readers by adding…

  • Details
  • Emotions
  • Drama

How this Instagram training will work:

  • I’ll tell a story.
  • I’ll dissect it.
  • I’ll give you a prompt.

You’ll fill in the blanks and spin storytelling gold.

Ready? Here’s my story:

I love sitting on my back porch during the summer.

When I porch-sit, I convene with nature:

The sun’s rays warm my always-cold body. (My dogs bask in the rays, too. Only moving to lap up water from the kiddie pool. Usually.)

The squirrels and birds frolic around my backyard looking for food. (They’re sneaky. They quietly leap tree to tree for treats. Because my dogs might look relaxed, but they’re still on high alert.)

The trees’ leaves sway back and forth from a slight breeze. (When the breeze gets stronger, the leaves rustle louder. Which activates my dogs’ bark mode. And inevitably, causes the squirrels and birds to flee haphazardly in every direction but the right one.)

Suddenly, my porch sitting gets interrupted.

The last time this event disturbed my sunny serenity, I glanced down in an area of my yard I haven’t seen in a while.

And saw 3 orange tiger lilies.

My mood instantly lightened, and I smiled.

These happy little flowers are the highlight of my summer. But they’re elusive — I haven’t spotted them in my backyard for almost 7 years.

And I know why — Dakota, my dearly departed nephew dog, used to pee on every stem that sprouted. He crossed the rainbow bridge in September 2017.

I’d like to think me spontaneously spotting these flowers is his way of saying hello from doggy heaven.

Here’s the dissection:

Mundane activity & routine life situation — Porch sitting.

Details — Absorbing the sun. Observing the squirrels, and birds, and trees. My dog’s interrupting me.

Drama — Discovering tiger lilies in my backyard.

Emotions — Haven’t seen them since 2012. A “hi” from Dakota.
Here’s your prompt:

Mundane activity & routine life situation — How do you relax?

Details — Give me 3 specific things that happen in your surroundings while you relax.

Drama — Have you ever noticed something that caught you off guard while you were trying to relax? Tell me about it.

Emotions — How did it make you feel?
Now it’s your turn:

  • Fill out the prompt.
  • Snap a picture.
  • And share your story on Instagram.

Feeling extra share-y? Tag me on Instagram. I promise to love & comment on your post. Because I know it’ll be storytelling gold.

Wanna see what mundane activities & routine life situations other people are spinning into storytelling gold and give them some love? Use the hashtag #grumpyprompts

P.S. Next week, I’m refocusing these prompts. Stay tuned to discover the topic.