12 Instagram Story-Writing Prompts

Storytelling is a universal human activity. 

It helps you interpret, evaluate, and appreciate your world.

Sharing stories brings people together and bonds us together on a deeper level. 

Science claims that storytelling can synchronize our brain activity. Because we experience the events together as they develop during the story. (That’s some zombie-level shit, right there.) 

But how do you get readers drooling over your stories and craving more?

For the next 12 weeks, I’m…

  • Sharing my storytelling secrets with you.
  • Giving you story-writing prompts.
  • And training you to tell better stories. 

Instagram is where I like to hangout and share stories. It’s where I get a lot of engagement. And a lady like me loves hearts & comments. This training is specifically for Instagram. 

But I’m NOT sharing:

  • How to take photos.
  • What photos to take. 
  • How to work the filters.
  • Or anything to do with hashtags.

Because I just wing it. 

I AM sharing:

  • 12 Instagram Story-Writing Prompts based on my storytelling style. 
  • And helping you refine those stories, so you become better Instagram storytellers.

Here’s why:

Personal stories get more engagement than any other Instagram post. They’re the equivalent of internet small talk. And I’ve spent years mastering this skill. 

I spin mundane activities & routine life situations into storytelling gold like Seinfeld.

I make these humdrum stories exciting for my readers by adding…

  • Details
  • Emotions 
  • Drama 

How this Instagram training will work:

  • I’ll tell a story.
  • I’ll dissect it.
  • I’ll give you a prompt.

You’ll fill in the blanks and spin storytelling gold. 


Here’s my story:

I’ve been neglecting some summer activities. So I made a list and decided to tackle one at a time. 

Today’s goal was to check hummingbird feeder off my list. (I’m only about a month behind peak hummingbird season.)

After I finished my morning routine, I…

  • Retrieved the hummingbird feeder from under my kitchen cabinet, being careful not to hit the glass on the cabinet’s edges and break it.
  • Washed it out with warm soapy water, being careful to rinse it no less than 790 times so the birds don’t eat Dawn Dish Soap and die.
  • Mixed the sugar solution, being careful to dissolve 1 cup of sugar in 2 cups of hot water and 2 cups of cold water. 

I felt my lips curl into a smile (almost like the Grinch but without the mustache) because I knew when I hung the hummingbird feeder out on my back porch, I could check it off my past due summer to-do list. 

So I grabbed my coffee in my left hand, put the hummingbird feeder between my knees, and pushed my wheelchair’s joystick with my right hand to move toward my back door. 

As soon as I opened it, I heard a familiar yet annoying noise that I forgot about — bulldozers rearranging the winter salt pile behind my house. 

Now instead of sitting outside and watching hummingbirds flit around the feeder drinking sugar water, I get to listen to heavy equipment screech and grind on a salt pile that’s 3x taller than my house. 

Thanks for the reminder that winter is coming.

Here’s my dissection:

Mundane activity & routine life situation — Finally getting around to filling my hummingbird feeder.

Details — Getting the feeder, washing it out, and making the hummingbird food. 

Emotions — Smiling and feeling content with checking something off my to-do list.

Drama — Opening my door, hearing the bulldozers moving salt, and being reminded of winter. 

Here’s your prompt: 

Mundane activity & routine life situation — Tell me about a task you checked off your to-do list.

Details — How did you accomplishing this task? Give me at least 3 specific steps you took.

Emotions — How are you feeling about accomplishing this task? Don’t tell me, show me. Use body language like I did when I said I smiled. 

Drama — Did anything happen that was out of the ordinary or that elicited an emotional response from you? Tell me what it was and how it made you feel.  

Now it’s your turn:

  • Fill out the prompt.
  • Snap a picture.
  • And share your story on Instagram.

Feeling extra share-y? Tag me on Instagram. I promise to love & comment on your post. Because I know it’ll be storytelling gold.

Wanna see what mundane activities & routine life situations other people are spinning into storytelling gold and give them some love? Use the hashtag #grumpyprompts