Zombie Grammar and Connecting With Your Readers

Let me set the mood for you…

Ginger and I were out strolling around the neighborhood. (And by strolling I mean… Ginger was trying to drag my 350 lbs wheelchair in 12 different directions.)

It was a mild, breezy day — A kind of spring thaw day when all you smell is mud and all you see are bits of dead leaves covering that mud.

Clouds were drifting around the blue sky and birds were screeching at each other (Like we get it, the worms are out. Fill your beaks and shut your mouths).

Just as I was about to flip the bird at those birds, I spotted a box next to a street sign. And stopped so abruptly that Ginger stumbled sideways & glared back at me. (I felt her “WTF, lady. Let’s go.”)

My chest thumped up and down as my heart raced…

My neck tingled as the peach fuzz stood on end…

My eyes darted from side to side as I looked for a…

Disheveled, homeless-looking woman with a zombie on her catchpole.

It was like a scene out of Fear The Walking Dead. (Scene in comments below. Watch if you dare.)

After a moment, I reassured myself that this is real life and snarling, flesh-eating zombies don’t exist.

I reached down, petted Ginger’s head, and told her to walk on. She wagged her tail and began trotting down the street.

But just to be safe, we hustled past that cardboard box. I’m not taking any chances.

Who knew a leisurely stroll with my pittie could be so emotional?

You know what needs to be as emotional as my anxiety-induced walk with Ginger? Your copy.

Forget about proper grammar.

I get it…grammar’s a shared code. Like that lets-do-the-nasty wink you give your partner — they instinctively know what it means.

While proper grammar might make your copy more readable, it won’t make it more interesting or actionable.

Emotion does.

Most people think just knowing basic grammar is good enough.

Not only are they wrong — it can cost them tens of thousands of dollars!

Here’s why:

People don’t read anything or buy anything because of proper grammar… they read and buy because of EMOTION…

And many times, the emotion you want to create comes from INTENTIONALLY incorrect grammar!

Sounds crazy, I know.

We’re not writing for a grade on an English paper, and we’re not trying to impress a college professor…

We’re writing to convince someone to like, trust, and believe in you & your product…

And decide to give you money.

We have to be persuasive — not perfectly grammatically correct.

As a matter of fact, there are several grammatical errors in the last few sentences…

Did you notice?

Or did you read this easily and effortlessly?

That’s my point.

We’re going to cover this in Copy Edit School.

Whatever you choose to do (take this course or not) — don’t focus on grammar — focus on clear and concise copy that’s compelling…

And please, stop being a comma queen, punctuation purist, or whatever the new term for Grammar Nazi is.

Enrollment for Copy Edit School is currently closed.

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