Dreamcatchers and Decisions

I’m hella superstitious.

I’m not talking about getting bad luck from walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror.

I’m spiritual superstitious.

I don’t go into random graveyards where none of my relatives are buried. (No one’s there to protect me from evil.)

I don’t let people play with Ouija boards in my home. (Take the demons back to your home.)

I don’t walk past a murder of crows. (They’re a sign evil is near. But I have a raven tattoo. Because Edgar Allan Poe.)

I’m complicated.

And I’m highly suspicious — my previous lives must have been as unusual as my current life.

Because of that, I’m always asking questions.

Most recently, I asked myself why the Hell I thought it would be a good idea to make my niece and nephew dreamcatchers.

I had a few when I was growing up. They were protection from bad dreams — catching the bad dreams, trapping them in the webbing, and destroying them with the morning sunlight. I imagine just like how the sun burns vampires alive. (Like I said, I’m complicated.)

So I thought it would be fun to make 2 and give them to the kids.

Dudes & dudettes, I was hella wrong.

It took me 3 hours to make ONE.

I had to wrap 5 yards of suede around a 5-inch metal hoop.

I had to weave 2 yards of embroidery floss in and out of the suede-covered hoop to create the webbing.

I had to add what felt like 397 embellishments, too — beads, charms, ribbon & feathers.

But the worst part? The feathers.

I bought naturally-sourced feathers that were haphazardly crammed in a plastic bag from a craft store. (I don’t even want to think about where those feathers were sourced from.)

Dear sweet baby Jesus… every time I pulled a feather out of the bag, 2 pounds of down exploded all over my dining room. It was like I had a pillow fight with… I dunno, with a machete.

The dreamcatchers are cute though. And I know my niece & nephew will love them.

Not only do I love asking life-altering questions, but also I love answering them.

I was recently asked…

“I’ve never heard of this type of course before — How do I know if Copy Edit School is right for me?”

If you’ve never heard of it before or don’t really know what it is…

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They employ highly skilled people dedicated to this craft…

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They make sure it’s clear and concise and compelling.

That’s the difference between an obviously self-published pile of rubbish…

And something with extra pull and polish that’s irresistible to readers.

That’s why copy editing is such a sought-after skill for people in the know.

A copy editor can turn something “OK” into a revenue-generating masterpiece.

And THAT is why copy editing is so valuable.

Most of these pro-level copy editors are bound by iron-clad non-disclosure agreements…

They are legally barred from divulging the secrets of this sought-after skill.

But not me.

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