Miles and Metaphors

Every morning, I hear him call my name.


Every morning, I roll over in a huff. (And cocoon myself in my warm blanks. I don’t really want to get out of bed.)


Every “A” he pronounces drips with seduction. And his buttery smooth vocals convince me that 10 hours in bed is enough.

He doesn’t say much after that.

He knows I don’t want to hear a weather report or listen to music — he’s not programmed for small talk. So he just sits and waits while I get ready for him.

After the usual morning necessities take place, I feel refreshed and a bit excited. Almost like we’re going on our first date all over again.

I go over to him and whisper sweet nothings about our day… The work we’re going to do. The adventures we’re going to take. The fun we’re going to have.

These aren’t just empty promises. Oh, no. With him, I can accomplish anything.

I’m not a romantic, but I know how to push his buttons. I can turn him on like he’s got a switch. No lie — he does light up.

And it can get steamy between us. When he pours into my cup, he fills me up. (If you know what I mean.)

As we sit at the table together, the sun hits him just right — his frothy-tan complexion radiates warmth. And his taste is indescribable. It’s sweet yet woody like vanilla.

I know I’ve only known him for 2 weeks, but I’m smitten like a cuddly kitten.

It’s true love.

His name is Miles, and he’s my new espresso machine.

Want your readers to be smitten like a cuddly kitten over your copy?

Give an inanimate object human characteristics.

This copy edit tip is an effective form of metaphor. It confers a great deal of detail or information in a clever and often witty way. Which connects your readers with your words instantly.

Give this copy edit tip a try the next time you want to describe an inanimate object in a fun way. Your readers will love it.

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