Christmas Traditions and Questions For Satan1 min read

It’s the most nostalgic time of the year — Christmas.

I have a few long-standing traditions associated with this season. One of which is Christmas Eve Mass.

I love the ambiance…

-The choir singing Christmas carols (with 1 overzealous, ear-piercing soprano)
-The altar adorned with poinsettias (a Catholic’s version of The Secret Garden)
-The aroma of incense (ho, ho, choke)

Last night, as I was absorbing the festive atmosphere, I noticed a white silhouette on the wall behind the altar.

Above the angel just to the left.

What do you think it looks like?

It’s the side profile of a person kneeling with what seems to be a ram’s head and horns. So naturally, I thought it looked like Satan.

And it instantly reminded me of Christmases long, long ago. Where my family and I…

-Took straw from the church’s nativity scene (and carried it in our wallets all year for good fortune)
-Played poker on Christmas Day with our relatives (and prayed for good luck)
-Searched for The Christmas Pickle (and pretended not to find it, so someone else could win)

Nothing says Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Jesus like stealing, gambling, and lying.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Your readers are no different. They want to feel connected to you. Like reading your copy is a long-standing tradition that brings back fond memories.

One way to achieve this is to ask your readers a question.

Like I did with Satan’s silhouette picture.

Invite your readers to think, guess, agree, or disagree with you. It creates engagement and makes your copy sound like a conversation.

Try this copy edit tip and connect with your readers more than any holiday tradition ever could.

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