Humble Pie and Holes1 min read

And right on cue, the Universe humbled me.

Remember last week’s tip…

When I said I liked to go fast? When I implied I was a safe driver? And when I said, “Reckless was my favorite shade of fun”?

Well, the Universe channeled her inner Kendrick Lamar…

And I put a hole in my bathroom wall.

(Hol’ up, lil’ bitch. Sit down. Be humble.)

As I turned to face the sink, so I could wash my hands…

I hit my nephew’s step stool, and it slammed into the wall. It was an 8-ball-corner-pocket situation.

Only my footrest was the cue stick. The 8 ball was a step stool. Corner pocket was my bathroom wall. And my prize for landing the shot & winning the game was a hole.

Pool shark? I think not.

The only hustling I’ll be doing is sweet-talking my brother-in-law into repairing my wall.

You can sweet-talk your readers, too. So you connect with them. All you need is an analogy.

You can use an analogy to explain an abstract idea. This makes the idea easy to understand. But my favorite way to use an analogy is to entertain my readers.

Like I did with the 8-ball-corner-pocket situation.

Because it creates vivid imagery.

You can almost hear…

-The cue stick tap as it hit the cue ball
-The pool balls clack against each other
-The 8 ball bounce down the corner pocket

This analogy was simple, unexpected, and concrete.

Use this copy edit tip and create entertaining copy, so you connect with your readers on a more memorable level.

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