Wheelchair Driving and Reckless Dialect1 min read

I’ve always had a need for top-gun speed, but pride myself on being a safe driver…

Yes, I’ve been known to speed up and aim for mud puddles — bouncing through them and splashing everyone around me. But I’ve also been known to navigate around crowds with just the right amount of stealth and precision, so I don’t run over anyone’s toes.

After all, I’m a considerate lady.

I’m always going just fast enough to properly Tokyo Drift with a young child clinging to the back of my wheelchair — And never any faster.

The kids squeal with delight and demand I go faster.

“Go supher fass, A.”

But it’s never fast enough. And usually ends with a child asking to have a serious conversation about their definition of fast.

“Lissen, A. Imma need ya ta zoom. K?”

I always oblige… “Buckle up for safety, little buddy.”

They love it. And secretly, I love it. Reckless has always been my favorite shade of fun.

Know what your readers’ love?

They love it when you intentionally misspell a few words in your copy. Like the way I misspelled words in my story.

Intentionally misspelling a word (AKA — eye dialect) captures readers’ attention and focuses it on the pronunciation of the word.

It’s almost as if you can hear my 4-year-old nephew asking me to go super fast.

And you know what focusing on pronunciation does? It creates conversational copy — copy that feels like a friend is talking with you and not talking at you.

So try this copy edit tip and turn your copy into a conversation. You’ll connect with your readers on a whole new level.

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