Transferring The Art Of Detail2 min read

I’m a thoughtful sister.

I thought it would be nice to surprise my siblings with a handcrafted Christmas knickknack.

I thought putting a festive decal on a glass block, filling it with confetti & lights, and adding a bow to it would bring them cheer.

And I thought this project would be a super simple way to show I was thinking about them.

Sweet Baby Jesus, was I wrong.

Not so much about the sentiment. But more about those damn holiday decals.

Picture it:

Me. Hunched over those little glass bastards. A decal in one hand. An old credit card in the other. Like I was a surgeon performing a transplant.

With firm and precise movements, I…

Carefully peeled the backing off the decal (again and again because it refused to let go like that one stubborn eyebrow hair).

Accurately aligned the decal in the middle of the glass block (and pulled it back off to realign it one more time because crooked isn’t cute).

Gently rubbed the parchment to transfer the decal (and by gently, I mean I rubbed like my skin was exposed to radiation).

And once more, carefully peeled the parchment off to expose the festive decal on the glass block…

One misstep and my decal application would have flatlined my good intentions.

Talk about the art of detail.

One way to add detail to your copy is to incorporate body language.

Body language makes up 50% of our daily communication. But it’s often overlooked. Because it’s easier to explicitly tell an emotion than it is to show it through details like body language.

For example, where I was “hunched over” the glass blocks & performing “firm and precise movements”…

I could’ve just said I was serious and filled with intention while applying the decals. But there’s no detail in that statement. No imagination to draw readers in. It doesn’t paint a picture in their minds or entice them to keep reading.

So try this copy edit tip and add body language to your writing. These details connect readers with your words and make your writing more interesting to read.

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