Gummy Bears and Bribes2 min read

My niece bribed her 4-year-old bother to fold laundry for gummy bears. So she didn’t have to do it.

Remember last week’s tip???

When I told you that my 8-year-old niece washed both of my 50+ pound dogs…

And I paid her with gummy bears.

Well, this sudsy adventure had a tasty trickle-down effect. (And no, I don’t mean that water’s still running down my bathroom walls.)

Talk about connecting with your audience.

I couldn’t believe she bribed her brother with gummy bears…

Mostly because I made a few assumptions about my niece and what she was going to do with a ½ pound of gummy bears. (insert eye-roll emoji here from health-conscious parents everywhere)

I thought she’d eat all of them on our car ride home…

So her parents wouldn’t know she had them.
So she wouldn’t have to give them up as soon as she walked through the door.
And so she wouldn’t have to share them with her little brother.

But no, instead…

She understood the idea that gummy bears are perfectly acceptable currency, absorbed a valuable economic lesson, and applied my grumpy tactics to her life.

I’m SO proud of her. And I want to be proud of you, too.

You can’t bribe your audience to do household chores with gummy bears. But you can connect with them on a deeper level (so they hang off every word you write) using copy editing.

One easy way to do this…

Drop your readers right into the middle of the action.

Like I did with my gummy-bear-bribe story.

Your readers don’t want to ease into your story. They don’t want to float slowly down your word river. They want to be dropped…from a helicopter…directly into the rapids of your story.

All I had to do to achieve this was to move one sentence from the middle of my story to the beginning of my story.

And audience-connecting BOOM — I dropped you right into the action. I captured your attention. And I kept you reading.

Give this copy edit tip a try when you tell your next story. Your readers are going to love it. And so are you.

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