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Bad Copy Makes ME

(and Your Customers) Grumpy.

As your Grumpy Grammarian . . .

I believe…

You don’t have to be a great writer to create engaging copy. You just need to know how to edit.

Correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation is only part of the editing process. This alone doesn’t create great copy.

Editing in a way that highlights your personality is the key to truly compelling copy that attracts avid readers, raving fans, and loyal customers.

My edits make your copy…

Clear. That means no awkward phrasing, repetitiveness, or confusing structure.

Compelling. That means no jargon and clichés or empty word choice, and your sentence structure has rhythm (grammar, punctuation, and spelling rules will be broken).

Concise. That means no excess words, generalities (it’s hyper-specific), or unnecessary information.

I can offer…

Rapid Response Edits where you and I work back-and-forth polishing & editing your copy in real time.

Retainer Copy Edit Services that give your copy the FINAL SHINE it needs to be CLEAR & COMPELLING.

A La Carte Services for those dreadful copy cleanups you may find yourself needing.

I promise not to…

Judge you because of bad grammar.


Being grammatically correct doesn’t persuade people. Clear, compelling copy does.


Copywriting isn’t essay writing. Sometimes, being grammatically incorrect is more persuasive. Sometimes, splitting a paragraph into separate lines is better for readability. Sometimes, what’s wrong is actually right. There’s a difference between intentional and unintentional deviations from the rules.

Cramp your style.


I won’t tear apart your copy & question every decision you made. Because I understand the science behind persuasive copywriting.

Change your copy’s message.


I simply tighten up your words to create clear and compelling copy, so it reads the way it needs to make your words work for you. Not against you.



Some of my favorite clients I work with. I’d love for you to be next to join this elite list.


  • "As a professional copywriter with a reputation to uphold, I can’t afford a bunch of sloppy in my content — especially not in a paid product. I’ve always proofed my own work (and then made quick, embarrassed edits when readers or buyers emailed me a kind heads-up about mistakes I’d missed). This time, before putting a whole mini-course up in the shop, I decided to hire a copy editor. A bunch of people said “Hire Autumn!” And I’m so glad they did. She was quick and thorough, finding all kinds of slips I NEVER would’ve caught. If she’s available for your project, hire her."

    Laura Belgray
    Laura Belgray Talking Shrimp / Copywriter
  • I reached out to Autumn when I found myself needing some quick copy editing. Mostly I write in a very corporate style, but Autumn was able to find my real voice, which is very sarcastic, and rewrote my copy in my voice on the first try! We visited for a while and she learned how I talk in real life and brought that out in my copy. She'll be doing all of my website copy, talks for speaking engagements, blog posts, video scripts and more. She's a valuable member of my team and I highly recommend her!

    Sheila J Davis
    Sheila J Davis YES! Women's Network
  • "Autumn Tompkins is an incredible editor. She has the unique ability to transform your work into something that is not only smoother and more grammatically correct but also more YOU. Autumn provided extremely valuable suggested additions that made all the difference in my confidence that the copy we crafted was ready for the world. I'm certain my project is at least 80% better for Autumn's exquisite edits, and I'll be using her services again as soon as I can."

    Lela Davidson
    Lela Davidson Writer
  • “You can trust your copy with Autumn. She can save you from yourself, especially if you’re too close to your copy, content, or client. Autumn will not only polish your words, so they shine like a diamond, she’ll also provide solid feedback to help you up your writing game. I always learn something new when I work with Autumn. And I feel confident that the work I hand over to clients is awesome…and grammatically correct.”

    Kira Hug
    Kira Hug Kira Hug / Copywriter
  • “I hired Autumn to write content for 3 pages on my website. She was extremely thorough in gathering the details she needed in order to really capture my voice, my vision, and my brand. Her questionnaire really got me thinking creatively about my business and helped to really get to the core of what matters. She has such a way with words, I couldn’t believe what I was reading was actually about myself and my business. She wrote compelling content for my home page that really showcases what I can do for my clients. Her creativity and ability to pull out what’s really important made this such an easy project. I loved everything she wrote from the very start, and with just only a few minor tweaks it was perfect. I can’t wait to launch my website with my brand new content, I know it’s going to help propel my business forward! I highly recommend working with Autumn if you are in need of excellent, out of the box, creative content for your business.”

    Amanda Wittenborn
    Amanda Wittenborn Amanda Wittenborn / Graphic Designer

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